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Feaston’s Strawberry Jam Session

I guess it was only a matter of time before our gardening led to canning.

With so much produce coming into season at once, we had to figure out a way to “put it up.”

Luckily, we were able to get some canning supplies for not too much money and set out to use the fruits and vegetables of the season.

First up was hot pepper jelly, a recipe for which can be found here. But what we were really excited about was homemade strawberry jam.

Peppery. Also, a great use of many jalapeno peppers.

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Drinks are on Feaston

With all the cooking we do at Feaston, sometimes the kitchen heats up a little too much in the summer and, of course, a good sweat is always a sure thing while standing over a flaming grill.
Needless to say, we get thirsty. But we’re pretty sure there is a mandate somewhere about summer evenings and cocktails. Mainly, that you need one to cool off.


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Feaston Needs Your Help!

To be honest, this wasn’t that great. Hopefully the internet will have some ideas on how to make it better.

Our deconstructed Salade Nicoise was the result of a pile of ingredients at the ready: tuna fillets, locally grown new potatoes and tomatoes, and spinach.

We took it apart and then rebuilt it. Sorta ...

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Roasted Beet Salad

Beets, my coworker informed me, are having a moment.

And it’s true – suddenly they’re everywhere! Culinary curiosities! Which is a good thing because they are swinging into season in PA and we got our hands on some. The results, as you’ll see, were delicious.

In season at a farm near you!

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