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Country Homemade Lasagna

Feaston was browsing through our cookbooks the other day and we came across our hand-written cookbook where we keep all of our super-secret recipes.

There is actually nothing really secret about them because we put them online for Google to crawl all over and for the Internet to view.

There’s lots of tastiness in this little red book. You’ve seen a fair share of what’s inside, (spicy chicken and cheese … meatballs) but I’ll be damned if we have never shared our lasagna with you.

It's great fresh, from the fridge after a few days or from the freezer.

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During Hiatus …

Feaston is still here. Though, we’re sort of like Conan O’Brien right now. You hear about us, but we’re not really doing much.

We’ve heard from so many people they miss our recipes. We can’t ignore our hungry fans. Here’s a new photo for you, followed up with some things Feaston is trying to make routine.

Pan fried Haddock with Sweet Pea salad.

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