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Feaston’s Spinach Pesto Pasta

This recipe was the result of having a lot of spinach we needed to use and a little curiosity about what would happen if we put it in the food processor — it was a happy accident.

Turns out spinach pesto is a big hit. Plus, it’s loaded with vitamins, heart-healthy olive oil AND you can dress it up with or without chicken.

If you make it, don’t let it fool you, it is pretty filling. That’s probably due to the pound (or whole bag) of spinach that goes into two servings.

It's a salad that has been blended and served over pasta.

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Black Bean Pizza Burgers

When we tell people we’re eating less meat, we hear plenty of suggestions for what we should be eating. Mostly this involves various meat replacement products, like Chick’n patties or tofu burgers.

We scratched all of those items off our meal lists pretty quickly. Have you ever looked at what’s in them? Sodium is definitely there, for starters. As are lots of other unpronounceable and undesirable ingredients.

Some of these items aren’t bad in theory, just execution. Instead of caving to the Church of Boca, we whipped up our own version of black bean burgers, made with real vegetables and beans. And no B.S.

You can dress up this recipe six ways to Sunday. Pictured is our Italian model. Let's call her Sophia.

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Springtime Strawberry Salad

Thank heavens  for warm weather.

We’ve finally put our sweaters, heavy coats and long underwear away. We’re ready to be outside with the grill and our dog, just soaking in the sun. This salad will be a perfect compliment to those warm evenings ahead.

While a salad might be considered a little light for your average weeknight supper, it made a wonderful Sunday afternoon lunch with a glass of (organic, homemade) iced coffee. We think you’ll love it either way, but you could easily add some tofu or grilled chicken to up the protein factor.

Oh pssst, and this features some local, in-season ingredients, so the Earth thanks you.

This salad ... is nuts!

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Dinner: Now With Less Meat

Hey, readers, have you heard the news? Feaston has been thinking long and hard about what we eat and where it comes from.

Turns out, a lot of the food in the grocery store is produced in a way that’s cruel to animals, horrible for the environment and can leads to the exploitation of human workers.

Not so delicious.

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