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French Onion Soup

Is there anything better on the planet? Warm, crunchy bread, under a layer of cheese, all atop a steaming, thin broth and onions.

I think not.

Turns out, French onion soup is super easy to make. It’s a little time consuming, but most of that is hands-off time. Gather up your ingredients, pick a weekend to do this, and let’s go.

Warm and gooey. Perfect for winter.

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Mea Culpa

We forgot to talk about Chestnut stuffing. The long and short of it is the chestnuts were a pain in the ass to prepare and probably wouldn’t suit most people trying to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.

So there you have it. That said, Feaston is a little tired this week and we will resume regular posting next week. Give us a break, c’mon. We’ll be posting photos here and there throughout the week. Enjoy this one:

I got new background support stands last week and I sat Banjo down to test it out with me. He was mainly a good boy, though I think he was just doing what he was told for the carrots in my hand. What a nice little doggie.

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Feaston’s Cornbread Stuffing

Behold, our most radical stuffing. We thought it would be good to try something completely outside the bread cube, because what if we were missing something really awesome?

It has all of the parts of traditional stuffing — like — with crushed up cornbread — also like. So that should equal win, right? Sorta.

Cornbread, ain't nothing wrong with that.

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Apple and Sausage Stuffing

I had high hopes for this variety. Apple and sausage? It’s a natural pairing. But tack on a third element — stuffing — to that equation, and you have unbalanced the universe.

Yes, the consequences are that severe.

It’s not that it tasted awful. I mean, I cooked it. So … duh, but it didn’t suit my tastes. Or Michelle’s tastes. That’s two strikes in a two strike system. You’re out Apple and Sausage.

Feaston Photo | Michael Buck

There was just something out of whack.

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Grandma’s Traditional Dressing

I don’t remember exactly how many Thanksgivings we had at Grandma Buck’s house while I was growing up. I’m pretty sure it was a lot, though we were never really big on tradition for Thanksgiving.

Case in point: We went out for Thanksgiving dinner a few times, but that just wasn’t working for me. I wanted a home-cooked meal!

One thing that has really stuck with me after all of those holiday family dinners is my grandma’s stuffing. It was simple and to the point. I prefer to call it “traditional.” It’s more nostalgic that way.

Full disclosure: I have no idea if this is the recipe my grandma used. It’s just how I remember it.

Feaston Photo | Michael Buck

Serve this along with a turkey and you have the Thanksgiving of dreams.

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Feaston is Stuffed with Stuffing

A few weeks ago we learned about the kind of stuffing my sister was planning to make for Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn’t so much to our liking so we offered to take over the task.

Last weekend, we took more than four hours to cook four different varieties of stuffing. This is official notice that no one can say we did not think this through.

We cooked wide range of stuffing types to get the best idea of what would make the perfect stuffing.

Feaston Photo | Michael Buck

From fruit to cornbread, see what we came up with after the jump.

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Feaston’s Spicy Black Bean Soup

Feaston is keeping a fairly steady pace of one new soup/souplikesubstance (aka stew) each week. There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. They are WAY easy to make.
  2. You can make them ahead of time.
  3. It’s cold and crappy outside.

To warm our bellies as we drift into colder winter-like days, we tried spicy black bean soup.

Feaston Photo

You're going to want to eat this with a thick slice of fresh bread.

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