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And Now for Something a Little Different

Hey there, Feaston fans! Care to help a blog (and local farmers market)? It takes 30 seconds and is totally, completely painless.

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In Season Stuffed Tomatoes

Our tomato plants are bursting with life and picking tomatoes has become a part-time job. Seriously, we’re picking, like, everyday.

Even between our tomato canning projects, like pasta sauce and salsa, we found ourselves with some leftovers. So when we came across a recipe for stuffed tomatoes, idea courtesy of Martha Stewart, we jumped on it. Sorry Martha, your recipe wasn’t online.

It turned out to be a deliciously eggy dish that made good use of juicy beefsteak tomatoes.

Feaston's Egg Tomatoes

Good for in season tomatoes, but beware of hot days. They take a while in the oven.

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Feaston’s Peachykeen Dessert

We’ve been having an ongoing discussion in the Feaston house about what recipes we would share with a novice cook or baker that would really teach them the principles behind kitchen science and yet let them experiment with different flavors in a number of combinations.

The humble crisp is definitely one of those recipes – and perfect for the summer into fall, when all kinds of fruits and berries are coming into season.

We humbly present our Peach Raspberry Crisp – the greatest dessert of the summer.

Serve it with some ice cream, froyo or whipped cream.

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