Feaston Needs Your Help!

To be honest, this wasn’t that great. Hopefully the internet will have some ideas on how to make it better.

Our deconstructed Salade Nicoise was the result of a pile of ingredients at the ready: tuna fillets, locally grown new potatoes and tomatoes, and spinach.

We took it apart and then rebuilt it. Sorta ...

We had made a real Salade Nicoise a few months back, very tasty. It looks something like this:

The real deal will leave you with an excellent taste in your mouth.

The salad version has green beans, eggs, tuna, potatoes, tomatoes and lots of lettuce all topped with some balsamic-Dijon dressing. Simply Recipes has a good version.

Our deconstructed version is slightly different. We grilled a tuna fillet with lemon slices on top for about three minutes on each side over high heat. Our tuna was dry (whoops!).

The tuna was the base for the meal. On top of that was a generous layer of rosemary garlic mashed new potatoes. We bought the spuds at Clear Spring Farm in Lower Mount Bethel Township. We sliced the larger ones in half and boiled them until tender along with a couple cloves of peeled garlic. Drain. Mash with rosemary leaves, milk and butter to taste. You want them on the thicker side.

On top of that went tomato wedges, which were also from Clear Spring Farm. Covering the gap between the tomatoes was a helping of greens. We used spinach. Top off all that with balsamic vinegar and go to town.

Once we dug in our reaction was a giant MEH! Internet, help us make this better! What should we do?


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One response to “Feaston Needs Your Help!

  1. Good Eater

    Hmmm…salad nicoise typically has some type of salty/briny ingredient to it…capers, black olives or some combo thereof. How about a black olive tapenade on top of the tuna? Maybe cut the tuna steak in half so the pieces are thinner and then just sear each piece rare and layer the pieces with the tapenade.

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