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Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming up. That means family gatherings, lots of food and, for us, libations.

We tend to gravitate toward classic cocktails like manhattans, martinis and old fashioneds, but the New York Times recently had some really good-looking recipes. Which one will you be drinking?

Looking for something else? A hot alcoholic beverage, perhaps? Our boilo recipe is popular and goes down well this time of year.




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Apple Pie Boilo

Well, you are in for a sweet, boozy, boilo treat.

If you follow us on Facebook (and really, you should), you’ll know that we’ve been celebrating and discussing this whiskey-infused drink for several weeks. And we are finally getting around to sharing the recipe.

Lucky you!

Feaston Photo | Michael Buck

The trinity of boilo: Whiskey, cloves and nutmeg. (Cinnamon not pictured).

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