Feaston’s Frozen Fruit and Yogurt Treats

On a steamy day there is nothing better than an icy frozen treat. It’s the type of situation when you  plop down on the couch, pull off your socks and start noming on something cold.

When we were kids, Michelle’s favorite kind of frozen treats were Fudgsicles. Mine were rocket pops. Although, in my house we didn’t by the thick Popsicle brand Firecrackers — the ones they sold from the ice cream truck. Instead we bought the smaller and thinner All American Chili Pops … or something to that effect. I couldn’t find them online.

Rocket pops and Fudgsicles are great, but they are full of high fructose corn syrup and B.S. We’re going for more “real” ingredients and made our own frozen fruit bars. Complete with locally produced yogurt.

Good for you homemade frozen treats for any time of the year.

We were able to make these with the help of a set of ice pop molds (did you know Popsicle is a brand name, like Kleenex?) that we found at Wegmans. We found plenty of options, like these, at amazon.com, but they are not the kind we have.

There have been several rounds of frozen fruit bars in the past couple weeks and none have been the same. There’s no real recipe, we just have some suggestions on what to put in.

We used:

  • Frozen strawberries
  • Frozen peaches
  • Honey yogurt
  • Orange juice
  • Ice

Generally you want four to five chunks of ice and a handful of frozen fruit. All topped off with about a half cup each of yogurt and  juice.

The juice thins the mixture while the yogurt sort of smooths it out. Honey yogurt is somewhat of an unusual flavor. We procured it from a recent trip to Klein Farms in Forks Township, Pa. Which is about 15 minutes from our house. The yogurt comes from some of the happiest cows you will ever see.

Like this cow, though it may not have been one of their milking cows. They just treat all their animals well.



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2 responses to “Feaston’s Frozen Fruit and Yogurt Treats

  1. I think we are living parallel lives or something. I actually just bought two boxes of these popsicle molds (http://www.landofnod.com/family.aspx?c=10345&f=7071) and then made them for a party this past weekend that included adults and children. The adults ate most of them. Ah, nostalgia. These look yummy, with yogurt!

  2. Kristie

    These look so yummy!! I need to get some of those molds and start making my own!

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