During Hiatus …

Feaston is still here. Though, we’re sort of like Conan O’Brien right now. You hear about us, but we’re not really doing much.

We’ve heard from so many people they miss our recipes. We can’t ignore our hungry fans. Here’s a new photo for you, followed up with some things Feaston is trying to make routine.

Pan fried Haddock with Sweet Pea salad.

During our hiatus, Feaston is spending less time on new recipes (though we enjoy a nice change of pace) and more time finding out from where our food comes. It’s really amazing once you get into the facts of it all. For instance, pretty much any regular meat you buy at the store was probably raised on corn.

So what’s this all about? Promoting a healthy environment and protecting our Earf. We’re not going to get all Al Gore on the Internet, but we decided it’s about time we put our money where our mouths are. That means more organic products (the ones that make sense, i.e. beef, coffee).

Now, we don’t buy everything organic. That’s a commitment way above our pay grades. Srsly, check it. A regular chicken is about $4.50 for 4 to 5 pounds at the store. Same sized organic one? $12. Yeah, we’re not paying $4 a pound for chicken. But we settled on the one that wasn’t raised with craploads of antibiotics and stuffed with saline.

Homework: Take five minutes and figure out what is in your food and from where it comes. Really good example? Check out fish packaging. Farm raised? Not so good. Check out this guide from the NRDC in the meantime.

New recipes coming soon.



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2 responses to “During Hiatus …

  1. Good Eater

    YAY!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Heading to the grocery store now…

  2. Kristie

    Yay! Welcome back! You are SO very right about knowing where your food comes from and how it’s grown. A very good topic to get people thinking more about…

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