To The Dogs

Dear Internet,

OK, we know it’s been a while. But our schedule has been slammed. Stick with us, we promise we’re still cool. We had our hands full last week when Lexi came to visit Banjo last week while her family was on vacation. That was FOUR MORE legs in the kitchen when we were cooking. That’s … calculating, calculating … 12 total! Anyway, they had a great time and almost constantly wrestled. We got them out in the school park a few times to romp around. Check out the photos.




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3 responses to “To The Dogs

  1. Good Eater

    The pics are SO awesome! They make me smile, a lot. The internets miss your awesomeness, Feaston!!

  2. OK, Feaston….I’m trying to be patient….but I’m starvin’ over here! I need some good ‘ole Feaston inspiration….

    : 0 \

  3. Kristie

    We miss you Feaston!!

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