We have a blog?

Oh, hi! Happy New Year!

Wow, things for the Feaston crew have been a mad house for the last couple of weeks. Running around, Christmas, family, New Year, etc. etc.

We’ll get back to our regular posting later this week. But we can’t leave you with nothing, so check out a list of what Feaston was drinking over the holidays after the jump.

Not gonna lie. It was a boozy holiday season. We indulged. On many things. Here is a list of a few:

  1. Boilo. Wee! The last of our batch from Halloween went to good use.
  2. Manhattan. Makers Mark bourbon whiskey. Straight up, please. We both had one of these when took my parents out to eat on New Year’s Day. Quite nice.
  3. White Russian. A Feaston favorite. Although, there was no bowling involved. Also check out our review of coffee liqueurs.
  4. Leffe Blonde. A very good Belgian beer. Very thick and heavy, though.
  5. Yuengling Lager. We live in Eastern Pennsylvania, so this is a no brainer.
  6. Da Vinci Chianti 2007. Dry, red … very tasty.
  7. Champagne with cranberry liqueur. We called it a “CranCham.” It’s made with brute champagne and a shot of homemade cranberry vodka courtesy of our friends in Gettysburg.
  8. A variety of German and Dutch beers. Including: Becks, Carlsberg and Spaten.

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One response to “We have a blog?

  1. Good Eater

    Yum!!!! Nothing like a boozy good time you lift your holiday spirits.

    You’ve reminded me that the Maker’s Mark Manhattan is one of my all-time favorite things in life, and I happen to have a jar of cherries sitting in the fridge…I know what I’ll be sipping this evening!

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