Spinach and Tortellini Salad

OK, OK, so we didn’t actually come up with this recipe. This is one my sister made for my parents and I like a long time ago. Since we’re insisting on eating more vegetables, I was thinking about this and thought it would make a good light dinner.

What we have is cheese tortellini served with spinach, Parmesan cheese and Catalina dressing.

Full of vitamins and goodness. It's vegetarian ... not even any beef broth in it.

We made ours on the dressed down side. But green pepper and really anything else you might put on a salad would be quite tasty.

You need very few things for this:

  • Packaged tortellini
  • Bag of spinach
  • Catalina dressing
  • Parmesan cheese

Cook the tortellini according to the directions. Drain and allow to cool slightly. Toss the pasta with the spinach, cheese and dressing. Top with cracked pepper.

See? Nothing to it. Enjoy.


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