Three Meals That Last A Week

Have a lazy Saturday or Sunday? Here’s three of Feaston’s favorite meals that age well in the fridge. We frequently take 30 minutes on Sunday to make a soup or the like and voila: lunch for the whole week.

See what we picked.

1. Tomato orzo soup.

We actually had this last night. We almost forgot how good it was. The roasted red pepper, the orzo, and Ohhh so creamy. It makes a frickin’ huge batch so not only did we get dinner out of it, but we have three or four containers chillin in the fridge waiting to be eaten for lunch.

2. White chicken chili.

This has been a hugely popular recipe on Feaston. You can make it as spicy or as mild as you want. This does very well in the freezer if you have leftovers.

3. Meatballs.

In the freezer, left in the fridge for a week or taken for work lunch, these meatballs will provide you with many wonderful meals. Michelle and I usually have a portion for dinner, then freeze three containers for pasta and meatballs. Trust us, it’s VERY nice to look in the freezer and have homemade meatballs on hand.


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