Feaston is Stuffed with Stuffing

A few weeks ago we learned about the kind of stuffing my sister was planning to make for Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn’t so much to our liking so we offered to take over the task.

Last weekend, we took more than four hours to cook four different varieties of stuffing. This is official notice that no one can say we did not think this through.

We cooked wide range of stuffing types to get the best idea of what would make the perfect stuffing.

Feaston Photo | Michael Buck

From fruit to cornbread, see what we came up with after the jump.

We’ll be featuring the recipes all week. But here’s a preview of what could be right for your Thanksgiving dinner. Also note, none of these were cooked in the bird.

  • Traditional
Feaston Photo

No curveballs here.

Straight up stuffing. The kind Grandma would make. It’s bread cubes, celery, onion, chicken broth and seasoning. Simple, tried and tested. We didn’t mess with the recipe. It didn’t need it.

  • Chestnut and Sausage
Feaston Photo

Preparing the chestnuts can be a pain.

Neither of us had ever had a chestnut and it was a good experience. The taste was great and it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. However, you will need to plan a lot of extra time to deal with the chestnuts. They’re a pain.

  • Cornbread stuffing
Feaston Photo

Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

It’s like traditional, but instead of using bread cubes, you use cornbread. Nothing wrong with that! But, if you are going after nostalgic Thanksgiving fare, you will want to re-think choosing this one.

  • Apple and Sausage
Feaston Photo

Ditch the apple. Leave the sausage.

Feaston isn’t really a fan of fruit in stuffing, but we know that works for some people. We find it throws the texture and taste balance off. In it’s own right, this was a good stuffing. It had all of the elements with a slight tweak.

If you are trying to get some grocery shopping done ahead of time, we would recommend buying these items for the bulk of these recipes.

  1. Unseasoned croutons
  2. Poultry seasoning
  3. Celery, about four stalks for each recipe
  4. Spanish onion
  5. Chicken broth, you will be happy you have it on hand even if you don’t use it for this.
  6. 1 pound of sausage, if you are thinking of going that route.


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2 responses to “Feaston is Stuffed with Stuffing

  1. Jessica

    Official notice received 🙂 I am sure it will be wonderful and am looking forward to having Feaston whip something up in my kitchen!!

  2. Linda

    I am a fruit-in-the-stuffing fan….bring on the apples and raisins!

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