Disaster Stuffed Chicken Boobs

It’s been a minute since Feaston has screwed something up really bad. I was on the fence about whether we should classify this as a disaster at first, but looking back, I now think it falls squarely into the SUCK category.

I mean, this seemed like a GREAT idea at the time. Stuffed chicken breasts. They have them in the case at Wegmans. If they sell them to the general public, how hard could they be to make?

Find out how hard after the jump.

But look how pretty.

But look how pretty.

So I guess you might want to know how they tasted. They were underdone, and gristly. And our rice side dish burned (damn you, wild rice!).

I had been wanting to make these for a REALLY long time. Ever since I had great success with my stuffed pork chops, I thought stuffed chicken breasts would be a snap.

Nope. Not even a little bit.

These bitches were hard to stuff and difficult to cook in the frying pan.

First thing I did was get my stuffing ready. I wanted to do this first so I wasn’t super hot when I was trying to handle it. I used spinach, onion and garlic. I cooked it all in a sauce pan with a little olive oil. It smelled awesome.

I covered it for a while so the leaves would cook down.

I covered it for a while so the leaves would cook down.

From there, I pounded the chicken breasts until flat. This is where things started to go wrong. Normally, I would have butterflied the breasts. It makes the stuffing part so much easier and helpa to keep all of the stuff inside.

But my chicken was oddly shaped and in no condition to be butterflied. I grabbed the meat mallet and pounded the crap out of them so I could just roll them around the stuffing. HOWEVER, my chicken wasn’t completely thawed out. So as I pounded, little frozen chicken bits were flying all over the counter.

I pressed on. As I tried to roll the stuffing, which also included some small fresh mozzarella balls, everything kept on falling out. With Michelle’s help, I was able to wrangle it all inside and secured it with some toothpicks.

Long story short, I tried to brown the rolled-up chicken breasts in a frying pan and then finish them in the oven. But the toothpicks made browning all sides impossible. I wasn’t really able to tell how done the chicken was and started to worry that the dish would be dry after 15 minutes in the oven.

On top of it all, the rice Michelle was making burned in the pot, coating the inside with a nice pilaf. The chicken was underdone and it was freaking out Michelle, who ended up just tossing it.

Still, the photo I got out of this mess wasn’t bad. Let’s see if this lands on FoodGawker. Because that would be rich.


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