Mike’s Hall of Fame

It’s only been seven months since we started letting you in on our culinary adventures. We’ve amassed a lot of recipes since then.

It’s strange looking back on what I have had for breakfast, lunch or dinner for the past seven months. The scary part: once I started to go through our archives, I remember making every single one of these dishes.

It was a challenge to pick my favorite meals, but after careful consideration I came up with my top three, plus an honorable mention.

I like had a list and everything. I crossed a bunch of meals out, but without further ado here is what is left:

A-mazing. No wonder they do such a righteous business. We based this dinner on the actual restaurant item. I wanted two of them. I think I will have to put this on the menu again sometime soon.

My own creation. A Mike special. Years of development went into this dish and it’s just everything I love: Pasta, cheese ans spicy spices. It’s not exactly a health food, but it is totally good for the soul.

If you have tried this recipe before, this is a BIG DUH. They are AWESOME. Apparently I like things that are covered with cheese, but I guess I may have already knew that.

That’s my top three, not in any particular order either. There was one dish that was very good not to mention here. It was very close to making my top three.

Another very good meal. There is a possibility that it did not make the top three because it is not drenched with cheese. I remember crunching into these chicken pieces. Oh, the flavor. Next cool day we have do yourself a favor and make this.


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