Well, It Is Re-Run Season

It’s summer and we are trying our best not to slack, but it seems it has finally stopped raining and it’s light out until, like 8:30!! and we have a bunch of cool projects in the works (one of which requires one of us to eat out several nights in a row) but we’re not ready to tell you about all that just yet.

Let’s just say that we’ve been a little crazed ’round these parts, so we’re starting off the week with leftovers. That’s right! Just the way Mom used to do it (I don’t know about you, but in my house, Sunday “dinner” usually started at 3 p.m. and included some kind of poultry, mashed potatoes and frozen or canned veggies. Mmmmmmm mmmmm! The grown ups got to take the leftovers with them to work the next day!)

Luckily, our meals are fresh, never frozen, and you’ll warm right up to them.


Michelle’s Favorite Feaston Dishes (to date)

First, there’s this Carne Asada Salad which would work out just LOVELY on the grill.

Next, for your consideration, is Pan-Seared Tilapia with Homestyle Green Beans, a.k.a the most requested recipe on our site (we’ve recently sworn off tilapia, but you could pan fry or GRILL a number of other fish in its place).

And finally, because I’ve been eating peanut sauce like it’s going out of style, I’m picking Brown Sugar and Ginger Salmon with Asian Slaw, another fish meal. Don’t be like Jeremy Piven — watch your mercury levels!

These are my favorites so far. Mike will be picking his on Wednesday, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get our act together and share a tasty new recipe with you before the week’s out.

Or, we might just skip out for a long weekend and leave you with a list of our favorite alcoholic beverages. Who knows?! It’s summer!


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