Grilled Corn on the Cob

After we picked up the huge chunk of meat that we told you about on Monday, we were in a quandary about what to eat with it. A quandary.

We couldn’t just have meat. That’s like not healthy and frankly not that satisfying.

Right in front of us was our answer. Corn 4 for $1. We bought two to grill.

This is truly grilled corn.

This is truly grilled corn.

Feaston is all about making entire meals on the grill. It only makes sense really. You already have the coals going, why heat up your house for stuff you can outside?

So strip down your corn and toss it on the grill. This is actually grilled corn, not roasting it while it’s still in the husk. That’s steaming corn and while it looks cool, you might as well boil it.

If you’re into steaming corn. I found a really simple recipe for it here. It’s just not our bag.

First thing that’s awesome about grilling corn. You get to leave the mess at the store. That’s right. Strip them down somewhere that you don’t have to clean up. All that silky bullshit that’s inside the husk. Ditch it.

Now you’ve got some nice nude corn on the cob. Let’s get to the grilling. First thing you do. Rub olive oil all over your corn. This will help it to not burn or stick to the grate.

You want to grill corn on over medium heat so it’s generally done best after you have grilled your meat. Corn grills quickly, say about 15 minutes, turning them every so often.

You will know they are done when they start to look like the picture. The yellow on the corn will become VERY yellow and there will be some slight charring. The kernels should have lots of juice in them when they are popped.

And that’s all there is to it. Done.

COMING UP ON FRIDAY we’ll have the perfect topping for your corn. It beats the pants off ordinary butter. Also we’ll have a nice barbecue sauce recipe for the meat chunk.


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