How Feaston Grills

Throughout the summer, we’re going to be showing you all of our grilling tips, tricks and secrets.

Oh, and we’ll show you some yummy recipes along the way. We realize we have introduced you to some of our grilled dishes already, but we need to bring up a few points about the way we grill.

It's important to know the basics and a whole lot of experience doesn't hurt either.

It's important to know the basics and a whole lot of experience doesn't hurt either.

The first point should be an obvious one: Feaston grills with charcoal. That’s right. Flame-kissed, char-broiled smokey goodness. We grill with hair on our chests over the open flame.

It might take you a bit, but you will learn to become a master of those flames. Tame those beasts.

Our grill is a Weber. Not the full size, though. It’s their medium guy.

Why do we have the medium? Simple. We’re usually cooking for two so we don’t want to go through charcoal like crazy and I didn’t want to look like a pussy with that little model.

So we use charcoal. And a chimney starter. This is a much more environmentally friendly way of starting your grill. See, lighter fluid is a mix of petroleum distillates that, when ignited, produces volatile organic compounds. Those suck in many ways for the environment. And also for your food (they make it taste like crap).

So we use this guy instead.

So we use this guy instead.

See that silver tube-like thing? We fill that with briquette-style charcoal. We know, we know. If we’re trying to be more conscious about it we would use lump charcoal. But you know what? Lump charcoal doesn’t last as long so you have to burn more of it.

Got a different opinion? That’s cool. This is just what we have found works best.

Final two points. And they are about tools.

For grilling, you really only need three tools. A nice flipper, a set of thongs and a grill scraper.

Whatever kind you want is fine, but you will need these three things. If you don’t have them, get them.

That’s the basics. At least, that’s all I could think of when I wrote this. We’re bound to have more tips and tricks, so stay tuned.


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