Viruses, Worms and Ad Ware

Feaston’s main computer has been victimized by the online equivalent of a drive-by shooting.

Yep, we got the virus …. er something. Who knows, but every now and then it makes my computer freak out and has now disabled TWO anti-virus programs.

Damn geeks.

So bear with us as we have to use our backup computers which are a little older and don’t have all of the pictures we need on it.

This week we’re going to clean house. That’s right, I want this thing gone, even if it’s not always affecting what I do.

That said. Mike has been promoted. Well actually, it’s not so much of a promotion, but I’ve added another job. Got to keep costs down. Feaston isn’t immune to the economy after all.

Along with being the creative director, I am now head of our Systems Hardware Information Technology department. That’s right I have some S.H.I.T. to take care of.

So stick with us while Feaston gets it’s S.H.I.T. together and we will do our best not to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming.


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