Thirsty Thursday: Gruut

It’s been a while since we actually sat down to drink a beer. A WHOLE beer.

And we were not disappointed.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Gruut, a Belgian amber ale.



Gruut is a copper colored ale and has that brew’s usual taste. Sort of, well …. copper-y. It’s not an unpleasant taste, but to each his own. I liked this brew because I didn’t really taste much hops.

Feaston doesn’t like hops.

You can have your IPAs and you Hop Devils. Blech.

I think the reason we liked Gruut, is because we have tasted something similar to it before: Weyerbacher’s Merry Monks.

The one thing I didn’t like so much about Gruut was that it was quite filling. Usually I like the darker beers, but maybe I’ve had enough for this season. I was just telling Michelle the other day that I was looking forward to some nice cold lighter pilsners while sitting in the sunshine.

Ahh summer.

Anyway, one more thing about Gruut. A Gruut is actually an ancient flemish coin. That’s according to the label on the bottle. I do have a B.A. in history, but I am not that much of a brainiac. Also according to the label, in medieval Ghent, which is a city in north central Belgium, brewers used Gruuts to pay taxes on the richness of their brew.

Huh. Now excuse me while I go drink that knowledge away.

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