Dinner in a Flash

What’s up, Feaston readers?!

Turns out living in a house is a bit different from an apartment — for one thing, it takes a hell of a lot longer to clean. For another, if your bathtub is leaking downstairs, you will find out about it immediately as opposed to when your neighbor gets around to calling the landlord.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to.

And we’re also going to one of our favorite places on Earth this weekend — to see our people in Gettysburg, where we will also be indulging in a multi-course wine dinner. Lucky us!

But between keeping the bathtub from falling through the living room ceiling and kicking back this weekend, we still have to make dinner. We ALL have to eat. That’s why we’ve got some special treats for you this week at Feaston.

First up is a truly awesome, authentic recipe for Enchiladas. Oh baby, these are a MUST TRY, even if you think you don’t like spicy food. We were talking about them for the rest of the week (at least I was).

On Wednesday, stop back for some Creamy Pasta and Broccoli, with a few bonus seasoning tips from Mike.

And Friday, it’s time for a delicious three-ingredient dinner — no joke! Couscous, kale and shrimp can be spiced any way you like it — we’ll show you how we do!

And even though we’ve got wine on the mind, that doesn’t mean we’ve sworn off our old friend beer. Mike reviews a Belgian Gruut (it was a nice change of pace) for Thirsty Thursday — it’s been too long!

So don’t miss a day! There’s plenty to eat (and drink) at Feaston!


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