Budget Dining

Hey, have you heard there’s a recession on?

Well, don’t fret — we here at Feaston are feeling the pinch, too. We know that eating out  is no longer really an option, and if it is, we’re usually talking more about McDonald’s than the area’s finest steak house. Not that we frequent either of those.

But we do pride ourselves on being able to whip up some truly tasty meals in no time flat, using simple, in-season ingredients that won’t break the bank. Too often we hear folks say they’d like to eat healthier, but they don’t have the resources. Well, friends … bananas are about $.60 a pound — it’s hard to get thriftier than that.

When it comes to mealtime on the cheap, you’d be hard pressed to find a tastier, easier and more economical dinner than simple rice and beans. That’s why we’re giving you three fantastic dishes that star these humble pantry staples. Filling, quick and healthy, these meals might just be what the doctor (and the economist) ordered.

Coming up at Feaston this week:

Scallop Hoppin’ John is a recession-friendly meal that is fresh, simple and a great end to a long day

Furlough Veggie Burritoes are every bit as good as takeout, only much less expensive

and Spanish-Style Pink Beans and Rice are a Feaston favorite that’s finally getting its moment to shine.

So forget about your economic woes, and get out to the grocery store. We’ve got some beans and rice to make!


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