Oh, hi, I’m furloughed

Let me just start right up front and say this has nothing to do with food.

Last week I found out that my newspaper was handing out two weeks of free vacation. Well, it wasn’t so much free. By then end of the year it’s going to cost me a two-week paycheck.


Ever since the announcement, I have been torn about how I feel about it. It’s a catch 22.

On one hand, I have to give up two weeks pay. Yeah, that sucks, but I will get through it. I knew that I wasn’t going to get through the slumping economy unscathed.

The other, much more happy hand, is saying that I just picked up a three-day weekend once a month for the rest of the year. Talk about being good for my mental health. The days off have also extended my Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation. So there’s that.

While I’m not happy about losing the money, I have come to accept the days off. Shit happens and you deal with it. But at least now I have some extra days with which to do whatever I please.

Like this morning, I slept in. Had coffee and slightly helped Michelle put together a roast in the Crock Pot for dinner.

(I didn’t want to strain myself, I have found that I am allergic to work on furlough days.)

Later today I am going to Lowe’s and Home Depot. I will look at power tools, grunt and then buy a trash can. Sounds like a nice little furlough.

Oh, and check out today’s photo.


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