Thirsty Thursday: Chimay Ale

In between blogging about what’s for dinner and what’s for drinks, Feaston has decided to move. Yeah, that’s right. We’re getting new digs. With a new kitchen. And a stove that we’re not totally thrilled with, but that’s another post for another day.

The point is: we have been packing a lot of boxes lately. And nothing goes with packing like a nice, refreshing beer.

Specifically, this:

Chimay Ale. It's malty.

Chimay Ale. It's malty.

I don’t really remember where we first had Chimay, but I DO remember hanging out with their “marketing” folks at Easton’s annual beer festival by the river (more on that in the fall). Which encouraged me to check out their web site. Which is frickin’ hilarious. Seriously — go to there. Here is a sampling:

… allow this incomparable liquid to pour slowly into its Trappist chalice. Then just close your eyes and savour it.

I told you! Who talks that way about beer?

Chimay makes a few varieties and names their brews by color, except for the Triple, which makes it easy to find the one you want at the store. Obviously, we’re enjoying a Chimay Red, which is a little sharp and a little bitter but overall very good (and good for you).

The taste is … malty. Which is a nice change of pace from all the hops-infused nonsense we see at our six-pack shop (which we’re not huge fans of). According to the hilarious web site, this brew smells like apricots and should taste like it too. I don’t know — my palate isn’t that refined.

The Chimay Red is pretty filling — definitely one to drink before, not after, dinner.

The bottle also gives you a nice history of the Trappist monks and what makes their beer so delicious: yeast. An “exceptional” yeast developed by Father Theodore, who does not appear on the web site, and is combined with some super special protected water (holy water?) to give this beer its unique richness.

Ah, well then.

Feaston says: go get one (or two) of these for yourself. We recommend serving with pretzels. And a few unpacked boxes.


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One response to “Thirsty Thursday: Chimay Ale

  1. Hey, Feaston –

    Heard today that OBERON will be making it’s 2009 debut in just over 3 days! Yep – created right here in Comstock, MI – this tasty ale (at least that’s what I’ve been told) will once again be available to cool down whatever Sumer 2009 has in store!

    Maybe the Easter Bunny will hop some on over…

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