Food, Glorious Food!

It has been a big week for food in the news — from Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden to numerous New York Times stories on the difference between organic and sustainable farming and a new outlook on American diets.

The thing is — most people are more apt to believe that something labeled organic is better for them, when in reality it is not. Instead of focusing on pesticides and the government’s role in the food chain, most of us would be better off if we just ate fewer animal products and processed foods and started eating more local fruits and vegetables. Oh … also, it’s a good idea to learn to cook at home.

Hey, we’re happy to help with that!

This week at Feaston, we have a number of simple, delicious, recession-friendly dinners (and one disaster breakfast):

Leftover Recession Meatballs makes enough food to feed three while costing less than a fast food meal for one

Cobb Salad might be the worst salad for you, nutrition-wise, but it’s delicious, so we’ll let it slide

and on Friday, Mike tells the sad story of his Disaster French Toast and how it almost ruined our Sunday morning

Now, who wouldn’t want to stick around for that? Healthier eating is just a few clicks away! And you don’t even have to plant your own garden.


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