Thirsty Thursday: Peach Iced Tea

We thought it’s about time to start getting ready for spring in proper style.

Warm spring days scream for some outdoors time. This recipe is even good well into the summer.

It’s cool, fruity, refreshing and very easy to make. We’ll show you the secret to Feaston’s favorite warm weather drink: Peach Iced Tea.

The secret? IT’S FAKE!


We likes the fake chemical drink.

We likes the fake chemical drink.

We use that mix with the fake sugar. Not the crystal light though, it’s too expensive. We buy the stuff from Target, the Market Fresh or whatever brand. Market Pantry I think it is.

This is one of Feaston’s regular guilty pleasures. It’s guilty in that we don’t actually make it. It comes from a small pot of joy that has a foil lid. You dump it in a pitcher and run some cold water. Honestly, we don’t even bother to measure.

When we make a batch of this stuff, usually a full pitcher, we don’t know if it’s a full 2 quarts because we never measured, but it ends up gone that night.

We sip it while making dinner. We sip it with dinner. We finish off whats left after dinner or save it for the next day.

If it gets saved, our refrigerator does this weird thing where it freezes the top. This is the only thing it freezes, so I don’t think the temperature is set too high.

We decided to tell you all about our obsession on Tuesday night when Mike was complaining to Michelle about not wanting to drink a beer for Thirsty Thursday.

Now there are some reasons behind this: We’ve both been sick and truthfully, we haven’t been hitting the sauce like at all over the last couple of months.

It probably had to do with the winter SAD disease.

A few sips of Peach Iced Tea and we’re all better now.


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