Gimme Comfort!

Sooooo, remember back in January when we were all talking about eating healthy? Yeah well, it turns out that when things in life aren’t going our way, we turn to our old friend cheese to make it all OK. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it can be hard to watch your waistline while shoving cheddar in your face.

And if cheese won’t doing the trick, then it’s usually up to pasta to improve our mood, or at least leave us feeling so full that we don’t have the energy to think about how much life/work/school/family/friends/etc. can suck.

What I’m trying to say is …. we haven’t been perfect.

So this week, we’re giving you all of our cheesy and gooey indulgences. Save them for a rainy day, when you’re really down in the dumps, or use them as a reward for eating healthy the rest of the week. Because while these meals might not be the greatest for you health-wise, they are sure to improve your mental state.

Coming up at Feaston this week:

Mike’s Quick Gnocchi and Vegetables manages to make comfort food sort of nutritious with the addition of tomatoes and broccoli

Our Creamy Macaroni and Cheese is to-die for, which is good, since it might lead to massive coronaries

and Grown-Up Grilled Cheese with Tomato Orzo Soup is a delicious, somewhat sophisticated take on classic kid’s fare.

So for this week at least, don’t worry about your bikini body (or lack thereof). There’s still plenty of time to get back on your diet. For now, let’s indulge!


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