Homemade Vegetable Fried Rice

For the last two weeks I have been planning to make this meal. But for some reason, each time it would come up, I poo-pooed it and we got take out.

Now it could have been because of all the crappy days we’ve had lately. Or it could have been as simple as we weren’t in the mood.

It certainly wasn’t because this dish isn’t any good. Internet, homemade fried rice is DELICIOUS!

A little rice, some veggies, some oil - no deliveryman.

A little rice, some veggies, some oil - no deliveryman.

Of course, homemade isn’t the greasy stuff that comes in the carton. That’s a special kind of fried rice. And technically, I didn’t even make this as good as it could have been.

I ended up half-assing it, which makes it SOOO much easier to make and tastes fine. For this time, and for about 90 percent of the time, I used frozen vegetables. No washing, no slicing, no dicing; just defrosting. Heat ’em up, throw ’em in.

They're not as good as fresh, but they have their merits.

They're not as good as fresh, but they have their merits.

While that’s my usual course of action for homemade, I tried something a little different this time around. It worked out so well that I will never go back. What was so ingenious? I used vegetable oil.

See, in my quest to make everything a health food, I had been using olive oil to make fried rice. While olive oil has its merits, I can see why professional chefs don’t use it in place of regular oil. It just burns too damn fast and doesn’t maintain it’s non-stick properties like regular oil does.

Olive oil has a very low heat tolerance, meaning it smokes at a very low heat and burns off quickly. Vegetable oil stands up to heat much better. Perfect for pan frying things like rice.

Before we continue with the oil, get 1 cup of uncooked rice boiling in two cups of water. Let that do it’s thing.

In a large frying pan, pour in enough vegetable oil to coat the bottom. You want enough so things won’t stick, but not too much that it will make everything goopy. Begin heating the oil to about medium to medium high.

While I said we used frozen veggies, I did use one fresh one: a half a yellow onion. Dice it up nice. While you’re at it, throw some frozen veggies in the microwave to defrost and warm up. When those are done, drain them and set aside.

Dice the onion. The eggs come later.

Dice the onion. The eggs come later.

By the time your onion is diced, the oil should be nice and hot. Toss the onion bits and veggies in. Enjoy the sizzle and smell. Let the veggies sizzle for a few minutes and add a couple of splashes of soy sauce. Any brand will work fine, but I like the reduced sodium.

If you have it, sprinkle on some ground ginger. This is a spice that you will find reoccurring in Chinese cooking and it goes well with anything Asian. By now, your rice should be about done. Throw that in, too.

Let this mixture sizzle for six to 10 minutes, stirring it every so often (you don’t want it to stick to the bottom).

Stir it up, but not too much. You want to let it sizzle a bit.

Stir it up, but not too much. You want to let it sizzle a bit.

Here comes the good part. Crack three eggs, or so, into a bowl and whip them. Dump them straight into the frying pan and start moving them around. The goal here is to have little bits of egg throughout the rice. You probably can cut the heat at this point to make sure your eggs don’t get nasty.

Serve in large quantities. For a little extra sustenance, use chicken, pork or shrimp in the mixture. Also, I like hot sauce for a little extra kick.

This is waaaaay better than take out.


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