Thirsty Thursday: Organic Lager Beer

We’re dipping  into the Dave Brooks collection this week for a taste of Samuel Smith’s Organic Lager Beer.

It was crisp, clean and pretty much delicious. It has a domestic beer taste, but it’s certified USDA organic, so it’s got that goin’ for it.

The overall verdict? A total winner, with maybe one or two reservations.

Samuel Smith's

Samuel Smith's

When I first cracked this beer I was expecting something a little on the darker side. Which, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have because it clearly states Lager Beer in the title, but I focused more on the fact it was from the U.K. (which was in much smaller print — go figure).

Turns out, it was a nice golden brown. Very good taste. Right away it reminded me of one of my favorite beers: Yuengling Premium. It is nearly identical, except this might have a few more things going on.

This beer appealed to my green side a little bit, too. Not only does it taste good, but it carries two approvals for organic practices: The USDA and a British group called the Soil Association, which might make a good name for an indy pop band.

While I couldn’t find an explicit list of what needs to be done to obtain these approvals. But in general, every aspect of the business must be done with the environment in mind.

Here’s my problem with this beer: while it is organic, it is brewed in the U.K. I applaud the effort to limit their impact on the environment, but anything they do during the production of the beer is lost when it is eventually shipped to the United States.

Really, they should limit their distribution to the U.K. Period. That will ensure the smallest possible footprint on the environment. I understand that once it makes its way over here, it’s probably less about the organic aspects and more about having a specialty brew. That’s cool.

I enjoy the beer, but not their business practice. But on the other hand, at least they’re trying. At any rate, if they want to ship us a few personally, they should have a gander at the contact page.


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