When Disaster Strikes

Oh, hey, Internet. What’s up with you?

Things here at Feaston have been a little … off … lately. We’ve had a run of bad dinner ideas and even a few breakfast disappointments. We are not ourselves.

Things have been kind of bad out of the kitchen lately, too. So bad, in fact, that we ate take out three or four nights in a row. I guess it’s just that time of year, when you’re ready for winter to be over, and then WHAM! you get hit with another snowstorm and any bad news at all sends you into a depressive tail spin.

Mike, who hails from Michigan, seems to be doing better than I am with recent weather and events. Which is why he made all of the meals this week! Which is good news for folks who like meaty, manly meals.

Come take a peak at what the big guy has in store for you.

This week at Feaston:

Mikey’s Meatballs will feed you any night of the week … and for a few weeks beyond that

Rotini Al Forino is comfort food with a twist

and on Friday, Mike takes you into his own disaster with the world’s worst Turkey Legs

So don’t let March get you down. We’ve got plenty of good eats left to make, and we hope to be back to our old successful-dinner-making-selves in no time.

And if not, we’ll just drink our sorrows away with a sort-of environmentally friendly Thirsty Thursday post.

So, come back tomorrow! We promise it will be worth your while.


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