Diner Days

There is something to be said for living on the edge of New Jersey — we have easy access to some of the most amazing diners in the country. So whether we want breakfast, lunch or dinner, at any time of day, we can get it. And for cheap!

The downside of course, is that diner food is not so good for you. From the grill or the fryer, most of what comes on the Blue Plate Special is filled with all sorts of nasty extras. So we took the liberty of lightening up a few classic diner recipes, and now we can indulge in tastes-good food without worrying too much about what’s in it.

At Feaston this week:

Breakfast Stew is great for breakfast or dinner, and it comes together in a flash

Half and Half Patty Melts offer a lunchtime special with a secret ingredients that cuts out half the fat

and on Friday, we’re bringing you the best recipe around for Ultimate Oven Fried Chicken that is totally worth the extra time and attention

And, because even diners are constantly getting updated, we bring you a quick tutorial on the latest in coffee — from the diner or your coffee shop — for Thirsty Thursday.

So settle into your booth, and we’ll send the waitress right over. It’s diner time!


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  1. Good Eater

    I am SUPER excited for diner week…yum!

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