Thirsty Thursday: Banana Bread Beer

That’s right — beer, flavored with bananas. And, uh, bread.

I don’t know how I feel about it either, honestly.

Banana Bread Beer

Banana Bread Beer

Mike and I cracked this bottle open a few nights ago and, in the name of science, decided to split the contents and compare notes. The banana smell hits you right up front — like woah. But the actual banana taste is fairly subtle. When I took the first sip of this beer, I immediately got the nuttiness and butteriness of banana bread — one of our favorite indulgences ’round these parts. But not the first thing you’d want in a fine beer.

However, it all seems to work in a strange way. We both agreed that this was fruit beer done right — too often beer flavored with raspberries or strawberries either tastes sickly sweet, like candied alcohol, or liked chemicals — like the brew master tried to use artificial flavors instead of the real thing, and it ended up overwhelming the rest of the beer’s ingredients.

There was nothing artificial about this banana flavor. Without having tried this, I would have dismissed this brew as a novelty. But it was fairly drinkable — crisp and light and not too overwhelmingly alcoholic or sweet. I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s well balanced.

At the same time, I was glad we split the bottle. This came in a true pint glass, and I don’t know that I would have been able to finish the whole thing.

Overall, this is a pretty tasty brew. But I wouldn’t buy it by the case – one or two will more than do. Anymore is pushing it. And this is definitely a dessert beer – not an appetizer.


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One response to “Thirsty Thursday: Banana Bread Beer

  1. LynnO

    Hmm, interesting. I love banana bread, too, so maybe one day will have to check this out. I’m a big fan of fruit beers that aren’t too sweet. I just had a good blueberry one from Maine — can’t remember the name but there was a dog on the bottle.
    By the way — like the site! Gets me thinking about cooking more.

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