Grilled Stuffed Burritos with Black Bean Rice

Last week, we told you about our love affair with Mexican fare. For real, it is hands down something that we always feel like eating (that and Italian).

It’s generally cheap. It’s spicy. It’s cheesy with veggies and meat.

So it will come as no surprise that we totally HOUSED these:

I know it's my job to make the food look good, but the picture does NOT do this justice.

I know it's my job to make the food look good, but the picture does NOT do this justice.

Another thing we love about Mexican food is how easy it is to make. You only ever need a handful of ingredients and another handful of spices. It doesn’t really pull any punches. But it’s amazing how many different ways you can dress up the same, like, five ingredients.

One of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, has a bit about this phenomenon. Basically, the bit is someone in a Mexican restaurant who is asking all sorts of questions about the menu. The waiter’s answer to everything?

“It’s tortilla, with cheese, meat or vegetables.”

So, yeah. You can see the video here, the first bit is something about the French selling Americans bottled water that is good for a laugh, too.

Anyway, my burrito making days came from when my parents would eat fish and I would make tacos. We called it “fish and tacos night.” So I would make the tacos for myself, just the way I liked them. Turns out, other people like the way I make them, too.

Like Michelle.

It’s actually been a while since we last made bonafide burritos. They have usually included black beans and tomato, which is good. But not when you want something meaty and cheesy and wrapped in a tortilla.

I started with some ground beef. Just whatever was on sale. I think this was 80-20 that I bought in a 6 lb. club pack a couple months ago, split up and froze. It doesn’t matter about the fat content because you are going to drain it and rinse most of the fat away anyway. So get that in a large pan and brown it up.

If it's still frozen, make use of the defrost setting on your microwave.

If it's still frozen, make use of the defrost setting on your microwave.

While that’s doin’ its thang, I cut up some vegetables. I chose a small onion and a couple stalks of celery.

Celery? You say?

Yes. It’s delicious in Mexican fare. Trust me.

When your meat is nice and brown throw it in a colander and drain it with some HOT water, for your drain’s sake. This gets rid of a LOT of the fat and calories. It doesn’t matter that it comes out a little dry, because we are going to put some more liquid and tastiness back in.

Put the meat back in the pan with about a cup of water (you can use more as you go). Now add a couple douses of Mike’s All Purpose Mexican Spice Blend, which can be found here. Also, add a generous helping of hot sauce. I decided to use my own spices, but those little packets of burrito mix work OK – they are, however, salty as all get out. But if you must use a spice packet, just follow the directions on the back.

Now, if you have put too much water in, that’s fine. No worries. Just wait it out while it evaporates. It should start to look something like this:

Feaston's Burritos

If your mixture is too dry, just add more water.

Remember those veggies you cut up? When your meat looks like this, throw them in to soften up a touch. Give it all a good mixin’.

Now, preheat a clean pan to about medium and grab your tortillas. On each tortilla you’re going to eat, put a helping of your meat mixture and some cheese. Wrap it up tight and carefully set it on the pan so the loose ends are down. Keep an eye on it and grill it to a crisp.

This also adds another flavor element.

This also adds another flavor element.

When it is done, flip it over to do the other side.

Now, I didn’t really think one burrito would be enough. And I didn’t want to be a piggie and eat a second. So I whipped up a black bean and rice side. It’s really simple. Just prepare the rice as directed and add a packet of Goya Sazon to the water. When it is cooked, throw in a can of black beans and give it a stir.

Now you’ve got a classic Mexican restaurant combo. Stuff your face!


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  1. Good Eater

    Holy Deliciousness!
    This was awesome. The spice mix was wonderful and so much tastier than any of the packaged stuff we’ve tried. Thanks for introducing me to the Goya Sazon as well…had never tried it and the rice and beans were great. Feaston rocks!

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