Thirsty Thursday: Floris Framboise

This was quite a fruity little tart-tasting beer. Floris Framboise was part of a sensational New Year’s gift that was courtesy of Dave Brooks.

It tastes like raspberries. It smells like raspberries. That’s because ….. it’s made with raspberries.

This beer didn’t pull any punches and was quite pleasing. I personally wouldn’t drink more than one.

Floris Framboise

Floris Framboise

For the first few minutes when we were trying this brew, we were under the impression it was a Lambic. I have since come to the conclusion that it is not, but it comes in a close second anyhow.

If you have never tried a Lambic, I highly recommend it. Lambics are fruity, naturally fermented beers. You can learn a little more about them here. They can be quite expensive and from what I understand about how they are made, you’re better off not asking questions.

Let me explain what I mean. During a trip to one of our local breweries here in Easton, the tour guide (thank you Bill Bragg!) told us about how they have been experimenting with Lambic brews. Bill said they got their inspiration after a trip to Belgium to visit breweries there.

From what I understand, Lambics are produced by exposing the liquid to the outside air, using the bacteria to ferment the beverage. Well, in order to get the proper amount of bacteria and consistent flavor the brewery’s holding tanks were somewhat less then sterile (use your imagination).

If that makes you a little squeamish, don’t worry. I am pretty sure no one has died from drinking a Lambic, let alone a Floris Framboise.

This beer was very fruity and actually more tart that we were expecting. It’s 3.6 percent alcohol, so it doesn’t pack a lot of punch. We drank it after dinner by itself, but I tend to think it would go well with vanilla bean ice cream.

In short, it’s worth a try if you are curious. I wouldn’t purchase a case though. Because of its sweeter flavor, you’re only going to want one.



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