Salmon Caesar Salad

You know what’s funny about Caesar salad? Almost every bottle of Caesar dressing ever has a picture of this guy on it’s label. But the salad was created pretty far away from Rome … in Mexico, as  a matter of fact. Read all about it here.

There are many variations on the classic salad but it must include Romaine lettuce (maybe that’s where the confusion comes in?), croutons and Parmesan cheese. Got that? No exceptions.

Mexican, not Italian.

Mexican, not Italian.

It also has to include Caesar dressing, which I am too squeamish to make. Anchovies might be tasty little buggers, but I doubt that I’ll be buying them anytime soon. So I chickened out and just bought bottled dressing. Sue me!

There is one upside to purchased dressing, however – we used this and it saved us a bunch of fat and calories. Score one for our diet!

There is nothing complicated about this dish – it’s all pretty much right there in the title. Just heat up your broiler and grab some salmon filets out of the fridge. I rubbed one whole garlic clove (minus the papery peel) over both filets, then just seasoned them with a little salt and pepper.

No need to preheat the broiler pan with these beauties.

No need to preheat the broiler pan with these beauties.

Under the broiler they go! And they’ll stay there for four minutes per side or there about.

Meanwhile, I just split up a bag of Romaine lettuce and topped it with a quarter cup of croutons and a teaspoon of Parmesan cheese. You know – the essentials.

A whole bag of lettuce has like no calories.

A whole bag of lettuce has like no calories.

When the salmon was done, we just placed it on top and added two teaspoons of the bottled dressing.

The verdict? YUM! This is pretty filling, for a salad, but the calorie total came in at less than 500 calories. Not bad for dinner!

And don’t think you have to stick to salmon – everyone knows that grilled chicken is a great topper, too.


Read the recipe here.


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