Meaty steaks

OK, we know what this probably looks like — we were supposed to be cutting back on meat for our diets and our budgets and blah, blah, blah.

Well kids, it turns out that Wegman’s knows a thing or two about customer service. When we were handed a $10 off coupon to the meat department, we picked up a few choice cuts of steak.

How could you say no to free steak?!  While we are watchin’ our waistlines, we’re still carnivores! We did the right thing and turned that coupon into this …

It's better than Outback!

It's better than Outback!

You are probably wondering why we got a meat coupon (it would have been better if the coupon was made of meat, but hey). About a month ago, I bought a club pack of pork chops from our favorite grocery store, which I subsequently turned into this recipe.

While my chop seemed to be alright, Michelle said her’s tasted like a dirty pig. I didn’t believe it at first, but then I tasted it. You know that smell when you pass a pig farm and it gets trapped in your head and it rolls around in there so you can kinda taste it? Yea.

Let me assure you, the bad taste had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WAY I COOKED IT.

We have been satisfied by Wegman’s in the past after purchasing faulty products, but we don’t really expect anything in return. Yet after we sent a complaint to Weggies, they turned around and sent us the $10 coupon. WEEEE!

As far as customer service goes, that’s pretty much the tops and it’s one of the reasons we shop at Wegman’s. Anyway, we took our refund to the meat department and did a little perusing. The steaks caught my eye. All meaty and what not. De-li-cious.

These particular steaks are knights: Sir Loins. Ha …. ha … Get it? OK. Done. They were the perfect portion size, about 4 oz each. They turned out to be quite chunky cuts, not like a classic strip steak (which we also bought). But, whatever.

For this dish, we chose to go the traditional steakhouse route and pair our meat lumps with a green veggie and Feaston’s baked potato, which is the first thing you should prepare.

Since they take an hour in the oven, Michelle and I continued our commitment to moving more in 2009 and went for a walk. By the time we got back, we were just about ready to roll.

I used the rest of the time on the clock to prepare our green vegetable of choice: asparagus.

Now, I usually recommend roasting them on a baking pan, but since I had to use the oven for the steaks, I steamed them instead. The first thing you should do for your asparagus is snap the ends off and peel the bottom three-quarters with a veggie peeler.

Peel them thusly.

Peel them thusly.

This makes them less stringy when you eat them and also helps them to cook much faster. When you’re done, get your steamer out and steam them for about 10-15 minutes. You should wait until you get your steaks burning to start this.

By now, your spuds should be done.

Be sure to let them rest for a few minutes after coming out of the oven.

Be sure to let them rest for a few minutes after coming out of the oven.

OK, the steaks. What’s that? It’s freezing ass cold outside?


Well, if you want to brave the cold to grill your meat, be my guest. At Feaston, we’re not fond of being cold, so we went with the next best thing: broiling. It’s just grilling upside down!

Remember to preheat your broiling pan! When you’ve done that, throw  the steaks in the oven and start steaming your veggies.

Throw away the scented candle, 'cause this will make your house smell great!

Throw away the scented candle, 'cause this will make your house smell great!

Since we have thick cuts of meat here, they will need to be broiled for about 9 minutes a side to be done medium, medium-well.

You”ll know when they are done. They should be slightly charred on the outside and slightly firm when you poke them. You can always cut the middle of one to be sure, but that’s a last-ditch attempt. It makes all the juiciness run out!

Butter your potato and enjoy your meat! Throw a little A1 on there if you want to kick your steak in the pants.

Read the recipes here and here.

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