Thirsty Thursday: Old Speckled Hen

By now it should be no secret that we are beer snobs. Actually, that might not be a fair assessment, because we’ve been known to slurp down Miller Lite. (Especially when it’s free and we don’t have anything better to do)

OK, we’re not beer snobs – we just like to see what else is out there. So what does that make us? Beer enthusiasts? That sounds like we’re going to drink beer on a pontoon boat. Beer connoisseurs? Too uppity.

Nope, no labels here. We just love to sip the sweet nectar of life.

While Old Speckled Hen isn’t so sweet — it’s actually pretty dry for an ale — it has drinkability.

Old Speckled Hen

Old Speckled Hen

Our reputation for trying different types and styles of beer has made it around to some of our friends, and apparently beyond. Our friend Dave recently blessed us with 12 international pops during his New Year’s Day party.

It was pretty much an awesome gift.

That’s where the Old Speckled Hen comes in. It was one of the 12 apostles beers. These vary wildly in style and flavor, so we’re  featuring them over the next few months or so.

I’ve actually never seen Old Speckled Hen before. Which is strange, because Michelle and I have been around the beer block quite a few times. Old Speckled Hen is an English style ale. It’s brewed in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England. It’s northeast of London.

The history of the brew is a little odd. It was brewed for a car. Read about that on their web page.

Oh…  that crazy British humor.

Anyway, stoopid me, I forgot to take a photo of the bottle when it was full, but the beer has the color of White Zinfandel wine. Actually, that was kind of a turn off for me with this one. I was like … “oooh, beerwine.”

Lest ye not judge a book by its’ cover, the brew is actually pretty tasty. It’s got a familiar note to it and it took a minute for us to figure out what was striking the memory chord. Then it hit us, Honey Brown. It tastes like Honey Brown. If you don’t know what that tastes like, put down your Coors Lite and go to the beer store and invest in an evening.

I don’t really know with what sorts of food this beer would go. So I am inclined to say, if you encounter it, just drink it by itself. It should go well with a couple of rounds of Wii bowling.

Cheers, mate!


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