Still Beating that Healthy Drum

First off, Happy Monday, Feaston readers! We got some new traffic over the weekend, and we wanted to take a minute to reiterate what Feaston is all about.

Our goal is to make healthy, affordable, easy  dinner options for you to enjoy. But there’s no point in making these dinners if they don’t also taste incredible. While there’s no accounting for individual taste, we think we have a pretty good idea of what home cooks want – and it isn’t found in a box with the word Helper on it.

Lately, the emphasis has been on healthy foods as we try to get rid of the holiday fat. But we don’t believe in diets per se – we’re just trying to move more, eat more vegetables (especially what’s in season) and get the most bang for our grocery store buck.

With that in mind, here’s what you can look forward to at Feaston this week:

Baked White Fish and Sweet Potato Mash is a fancy sounding meal that comes together with little work on behalf of the cook

Mediterranean Chicken and Rice is an absolute knock out – a must try dish!

and even though we’re counting calories, we still found a way to include Mike’s Meaty Steaks into the week’s menu. Cancel your reservation at the steak house!

And we’ve got a new brew for you during this week’s Thirsty Thursday. So check back in and see what’s for dinner!


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