Shrimp and Veggie Stir Fry

One of the things we at Feaston love about stir fry is that it has UNLIMITED POTENTIAL! It can have any number of meats, veggies, spices or sauces. Whatever you can dream up, you can stir fry.

If you’re really diet-conscious, this is an awesome low-cal, vegetarian entree. And it can also be easily  transformed into one of the thriftiest meals in your rotation, because you can swap in frozen veggies for the fresh ones in a pinch.

Plus, once you get the stir fry going, you serve it all over rice, which is probably one of the most inexpensive foods at the grocery store, if not in the world! It’s also of the most filling foods out there. So what’s not to like?

We chose shrimp. But you can do chicken, steak, lamb or Tofu! Sky's the limit!

We chose shrimp. But you can do chicken, steak, lamb or Tofu! Sky's the limit!

My love affair with stir fry began at a place called BD’s Mongolian Barbeque. It’s sort of like a Japanese hibachi-style restaurant, except you go to the raw meat and veggie bar to create your own stir fry. The best part – you can get unlimited food!

Need another reason to love stir fry? We have plenty. If you are planning a date, say dinner and a show, stir fry restaurants have your back. Try a more traditional hibachi-style restaurant (Benihana is an example of a chain), where dinner IS the show. Done and done.

But for now, let’s get started on some home cooking. Pleaaase, plueeeeze, paaaaleeeeeese, don’t be limited by what we threw in our stir fry. Use your imagination and have fun with this meal! But if you like how this one sounds, by all means, recreate it.

Here’s what Feaston threw in our stir fry: Shrimp, broccoli, green and red peppers, carrots, onion. I also bought a tin of water chestnuts. But because I am stoopid, I left them in the cabinet.

First, get some rice cooking. We  use regular white rice, not that really expensive instant stuff. You’ll want to make about a half cup uncooked rice for two people (that turns into 3/4 cup cooked).

Now, grab the carrots, peppers, onion, broccoli and shrimp. Get to chopping. For stir fry, your cooks recommend cutting the veggies into strips. Like a moron, I diced the onion and coined the carrots. So no chopsticks tonight.

I got a new knife for Christmas. It cuts well.

I got a new knife for Christmas. It cuts well.

Once you’re done choppa choppa, throw everything into a wok. Or, if you don’t have one, a large frying pan – about a 12 incher – will work just fine.  Turn the burner on med-high and drizzle the veggies with olive oil. I also crushed one clove of garlic and sprinkled some crushed red pepper and ginger on top.

I accidently diced the onion. I would have done strips.

Julienne'd carrots would have been much better.

Get the veggies sizzlin’ and throw in some soy sauce or any other Asian sauce of choice. To move things along, put a lid on this dish for about two to three minutes to slightly soften the veggies. We like our vegetables a little on the crisper side, but just leave the lid on for longer if you like softer veggies.

Once the veggies are done to your liking, toss in the shrimp. How much shrimp, you ask? We bought the 41-50 shrimp per pound bag at Wegman’s and used six shrimp each. You’d be safe throwing in about eight to 10, though. Oh, FYI, six shrimp of this size equals about 2 ounces – half a serving, for you weight watchers.

These will cook in no time flat! Even if they are frozen! You’ll know when the shrimp are done when they are a healthy pink, appear firm and are curled up all nice and snug on themselves.

Pink and firm looking.

Pink and firm looking.

Serve over rice, maybe with another hit of soy sauce once it’s all on the plate. Try this with a nice bottle of Sake. We recommend the Gekkeikan Gold.


Read the  recipe here.


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