Thirsty Thursday: Bell’s Winter White Ale

Bell’s beer is one of the most recognizable things about Kalamazoo, Mich. It started as a small brewery in the city’s downtown trying to make a go of brewing and from there, it sort of blossomed into a local favorite.

While we are sampling Bell’s Winter White Ale (a Winter seasonal brew), their flagship beer is undoubtedly the summer Oberon Ale. This beer has some culture surrounding it. When the first batches are released on March 24, there is a festival celebrating its release. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

The Winter White Ale is a refreshing brew for the colder months. It’s a nice way to switch things up from the heavier seasonal brews you frequently see this time of year.

It's the alternative winter ale.

It's the alternative winter ale.

I got hooked on Bell’s because of all the goings on surrounding their seasonal beers. I also was something of a beer snob in college and LOVED to drink craft brews. I was 21 and living in my own apartment, so I figured, what the hell? Usually the only beverages you could find in my fridge were milk and beer (DO NOT DRINK THEM TOGETHER!).

Anyway, I highly recommend Bell’s for everyone. Their flavors are bold and their stouts are very stout. If you should have chance to spot a variety pack of Bell’s beer at your local distributor, PICK IT UP! Spend the money. Do it!

Note: For those of you who don’t live in Michigan, Bell’s has a list of states where they sell on their web page. I have generally found it in any state that touches one of the Great Lakes.

The first time I had Winter White Ale, our college newspaper staff had just finished putting together that week’s issue. I was invited over to the editor’s house for a few pops (that’s soda to the rest of usMichelle). He told me they had some of the good stuff: Bell’s beer. It was delicious. It’s now been a favorite of mine for years.

During my most recent trip to Michigan, I picked up a sixer of the Winter White Ale.  I decided to get some after a trip to Bell’s Pub in Downtown Kalamazoo. I strongly recommend a visit if you happen to be in the area.

The Winter White Ale is a wheat beer made with American Wheat (See? It’s good for the economy to drink it). It’s got the classic wheat flavor and comes off a little sweeter than most other types of beer. I like the absence of the hops flavor, which doesn’t exactly top Feaston’s list of things we look for in a brew.

This beer is 5 percent alcohol, so it’s pretty much on par with anything you might drink on a regular basis. Try it on its own or with any of your favorite winter meals. It should complement anything well. I mean, it’s still beer.

Winter White Ale is available November 1 through March.


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