Thirsty Thursday: Shirley Temple Deluxe

Who’s never had a Shirley Temple? Bet you never had one Feaston-style before. This all started as a way to drink some vanilla vodka. What we came up with is an adult twist on a kiddie favorite.

We’re not too big into mixing drinks, but this will knock your socks off (literally if you make it strong enough).

This has all of the classic ingredients of a banging cocktail: booze, candied fruit and ginger ale.

Get your drink drink and relax.

Get your drink drink and relax.

The best choice for the price.

The best choice for the price.

Ginger ale is Feaston’s choice for mixing soda cocktails. Rum and cokes are good and screwdrivers have that vitamin C, but heartburn is inevitable. You just can’t drink those all night long. This drink has Feaston’s stamp of approval for marathon drinking.

What this drink doesn’t have is a citrus and acidic ingredient. What it does have is a base that naturally calms your stomach (ginger ale).

If you’ve been to previous Thirsty Thursdays, you’ll know for what brand of vodka your Feaston cooks are reaching. But here we are going  with a vanilla variety; about $14 at the store for a fifth, or $7 a pint.

Please note: the Deluxe goes down much quicker than you might expect. I made the mistake of buying a pint for this recipe and it was not enough.

You’ll also need some standard ginger ale and maraschino cherries.

Feaston's Deluxe ingredients.

Feaston's Deluxe ingredients.

We like to mix this drink with a simple one-shot-to-a-tumbler formula. You’re welcome to put in more – the alcohol taste does not make itself known too easily in this drink. Top it with a couple of cherries and ice.

For a variation, try it the way Mike likes it: with a half shot of cherry juice. This gives it a little more cherry flavor and color. And in case you were wondering, it tastes nothing like the cough-syrup cherry. It’s just sweet enough.

While store brand ginger ale seems to do just fine, here are some other suggestions: CanadaDry, A-Treat, Faygo, Wegmans.



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