Menu for the Holiday Rush

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean we have any plans to slow down. Like you, we here at Feaston are gearing up for the New Year and all that it entails – good food, good friends and lots of good fun. Oh yeah – and plenty of booze.

We hope you enjoyed last week’s sugar rush, but we’re now back to regular posting. We offer some lighter fare this week, as well as a sure-fire hangover remedy. Starting next week, we’ll likely be posting more calorie-conscious meals, as we have our own waist lines to consider and a 2009 resolution to not be total fatties.

But for now, let’s keep it simple. Here’s what’s cooking at Feaston this week:

Pasta Primavera to kick-start your metabolism

BBQ Chicken Pizza for a hectic weeknight

Philadelphia-Style Cheesesteaks

We regret that we know nothing about champagne and therefore cannot make any recommendations for your New Year’s celebration (except that Brut is better than Extra Brut and it doesn’t have to be expensive to be tasty), but we do have a lovely cocktail in this week’s edition of Thirsty Thursday that will quench your thirst year-round.

Andy hey, while we’re on the subject of booze, we’d like to point you in the direction of this article from National Geographic that details hangover cures from around the world. Ugh, thanks for the suggestions, Romania, but we’ll stick with eggs, cheese, coffee and grease. Although, maybe the Netherlands is on to something …

At any rate, make Feaston your 2009 resolution! And have a happy New Year!


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