Thirsty Thursday: Decanting Wine

Let’s be clear: We at Feaston are in no way wine snobs and we don’t pretend to be. When we pop open a bottle of wine, we don’t try to taste the oaky overtones or nose the fruity bouquet.

We’re not after the 1985 Consorzio Del Marchio Storico (Italian Chianti) or the 1982 Chateau Lafite (French Bordeaux). We want something reasonable that’s not going to give us a blistering headache or break the bank.

No, no, your cooks are mere working folk and focus on this simple questions: Does it smell delicious and taste good?

We have heard of techniques like letting wine breathe or pouring it in a decanter, but we didn’t really know what purpose it served. Turns out, it makes the $12 bottle of Red Truck you bought at the state store taste ONE MILLION TIMES BETTER!

It made the wine taste noticeably different. Even after the first, rather large, first glass.

It made the wine taste noticeably different. Even after the first, rather large, glass.

Red Truck wine.

Red Truck

The process of decanting wine is the single easiest action you can take to improve the taste of your wine. Keep in mind we started with a decent bottle of table wine when we tested our decanter, so we can’t guarantee it’s going to greatly improve the bottle of Two Buck Chuck you bought at Trader Joe’s.

We used Red Truck, a Cabernet Sauvignon, for our inaugural experiment. We poured our first glass right out of the bottle, you know – because we couldn’t wait, and dumped the rest into the decanter.

The wine tasted raw right out of the bottle and had a slight burn to it. When we were ready for our second glass, halfway through an episode of Law & Order: SVU, we were a little stunned at the taste difference.

The 20 minutes the wine spent in the decanter was just the ticket! All of a sudden, our raw and burn-y wine blossomed into a fruity and smooth drink.

Apparently, wine loves to be mixed with air. Being out in the air wakes up all of the flavor compounds, giving a more robust taste.

We bought our decanter at Linens n’ Things during their closeout, going out of business sale. It was$13 and has a wide enough mouth that it’s easily washable. If you are apprehensive about spending the money on a decanter, we found something that will probably work, too.

Flower vases.

One stop and 30 minutes after we bought our decanter, we happened by a shelf of vases at a craft store. They looked EXACTLY like our decanter and cost about $2. They didn’t have a pour spout, but we imagine they would work fine.



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  1. Good Eater

    Did anyone get the license number of that red truck?

    This blog inspires me every day…I’m taking the very thoughtful gift card to the state store that my sister got me for Christmas and going to see if they have Red AND White trucks for sale!

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