The Way We Eat

Here at Feaston we do a lot of talking about various meals – what time we’re having them, what we’re having and who’s making them being prominent topics of conversation. But we also take a lot of notes on what’s in season, what’s on sale and what’s leftover from our last trip to the store.

This article got us thinking: isn’t it time we all were reintroduced to our kitchens? Your cooks are the first to admit that they love a meal prepared by somebody else, especially if there is a waitress bringing us free refills of soft drinks and as much bread as we can handle. But there’s something to be said for cooking  for yourself, too.

There are plenty of blogs that deal with cooking, from down-home cuisines to the gourmet, but don’t most of us just want a hot meal? We’re not trying to knock certain styles of cooking – as just about every cooking site is good for some inspiration. But mostly, we just want something that’s different from the regular routine of plain chicken or re-imagined ground beef, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and doesn’t take hours to prepare. Something that’s filling, but isn’t going to give you a coronary. Something that’s not going to leave you with two tons of expensive spices that you have no idea how to use.

We think it’s safe to say that’s what most people want. We hope you want that too! And, should you happen to have friends that you think fall into this category, well, it’s your God-given duty to share Feaston with them.

You can entice them with this week’s recipes:

Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti (just like your favorite Italian place makes it)

Chili Biscuits with all the usual fixings

Stuffed Pork Chops with Apples and Green Beans

And don’t forget, Feaston knows how to let it’s hair down, too. Thirsty Thursdays are still in full effect – this week we talk a little about wine, but don’t worry. We won’t be touching any of the “undertones” or “flavor palettes.” We ain’t that classy.

To get you started, why not try out Feaston’s basic spaghetti sauce. It’s a good recipe to have on hand, requires very few ingredients to put together and costs about $2 total to make. Genius!

And hey, don’t forget to send us your comments, queries, ideas and requests (like a recipe without onions and peppers! Really? Does such a thing exist?). All the required information can be found here.

Happy Eating!

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