Thirsty Thursday: Coffee Liqueurs



Last week I told you about my love for medicine, the White Russian. When medicine made its way into our regular drink rotation, we found out that we couldn’t keep shelling out the money for the ingredients.

Specifically: The Kahlua.

While gawking our way through the state store, we found there are a couple of other options that  could fuel our little habit: The knockoff coffee liqueurs.

A bit pricey, but good!

A bit pricey, but good!

For you non-Pa. residents, the government controls all of the wine and liquor in the state and you have to go to one of their stores to get it. A bit of a change moving from Michigan where you can buy booze in the grocery stores.

The three coffee liqueurs we sampled have the same alcoholic content: 20 percent. Let’s start with a look at the real deal White Russian maker: Kahlua.

Priced about $22 for a fifth, Kahlua is the ingredient of choice for many White Russian drinkers. Including Jeffrey Lebowski, aka The Dude.

It’s coffee-flavored, but much sweeter than you might expect. It’s candied coffee. While delicious, you’re really just paying for the name.

Kahlua knockoff #1

Kahlua sub #1

The first knockoff liqueur we tried was Kapali. It’s imported from Mexico, just like its pricier counterpart.

Priced about $9 on sale, Kapali is a good buy. It’s heavier on the coffee flavor than Kahlua and is also a bit thicker. We recommend using about 3/4 of a shot, instead of a full one.

Kahlua knockoff #2

Kahlua sub #2

When it’s all said and done, Kapali makes a decent replacement for Kahlua and saves you about $12, enough to buy two bottles for the price of the brand name.

Recently, we found a second variety of coffee liqueur. We gave it a whirl.

Kamora is also priced about $9 on sale and makes a great Kahlua replacement.

This coffee liqueur found the happy medium between Kahlua and Kapali. It’s not too sweet and it not nearly as thick.

Kamora is Feaston’s recommendation. It makes a medicine even The Dude would approve of. Cheers!



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8 responses to “Thirsty Thursday: Coffee Liqueurs

  1. anon

    Thanks for reviewing Kapali and Kamora! I love White Russians and I’ve been eyeballing the Kapali and Kamora as potential replacements for the more expensive Kahlua.

    I’m taking your advice and picking up a bottle of Kamora tonight.

    Thanks again! 😀

  2. jay bee

    just bought my first bottle of kapali by mistake,thought i was buying kahlua. made my first drink,consisting of j&b scotch 2shots,1/2cup of milk,2 shots of kapali.great drink,one of my best mistakes.

  3. Don

    I prefer Kapali to Kahlua because I do not like the nutty taste of Kahlua and Kamora. They have a hazlenut flavor to me and I prefer more of the coffee taste of Kapali. JMHO.

  4. Rea

    Thank you so much, my fellow Michigander! How are the replacements by themselves?

  5. Cynwic

    Have been using Kapali for years, then the liquor store was on back order, so I tried the Kamora. Like it, especially since it comes in the bigger size. Loved your reviews 🙂

  6. Chrissy

    Thats the first intelligent answer Ive heard in this question however the introduction leads you to believe there would be more answers. If there are based off how impressed I am with this answer, Id love to hear more.

  7. michaeltbuck

    We appreciate it! What are you looking for in the way of answers? More booze? Drinks? 42?

  8. michaeltbuck

    Thanks! Glad we could help! This information wasn’t available several years ago when we tried all of these. We’re due for another bottle.

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