Thirsty Thursday

Internet, it’s been a long week. Now, I work Sunday through Thursday so don’t think I am jumpin’ the gun here. Unless I had something really awesome planned, like buffalo chicken nachos, it sounds like I am going to be ordering up some takeout. But that’s not the only thing I’m getting that comes in a paper bag.

A good all around drink for the price.

A good all around drink for the price.

Smirnoff Vodka. It’s a good spirit. Beware drinking too much of it though, it may haunt you the next morning.

Priced about $14, it’s a smooth libation and does the trick. Our theory: If you are mixing the booze, does it really need to be expensive?


One of our favorite things to do with this: White Russians. They are creamy and delicious. It’s chocolate milk for adults.



Nail polish remover.

Nail polish remover.

Pinnacle Vodka. It’s an evil spirit right from the get-go. One whiff of this baby will make your nose scream.

We were both curious I was curious and made Michelle take a half a shot with me to sample our purchase, despite its nasty fumes. It tasted like burning.

Why did we buy this? We fell for a reasonable price, about $9 on sale, and the attractive packaging. (Also, Mike’s a sucker for anything from France. – Michelle) Lesson learned.

While we haven’t tried it in anything except a White Russian – milk seems to hide most of the harshness – I seriously doubt it would be decent in anything else.

Here’s the bottom line: Don’t buy anything lower than Smirnoff.

Now check out Feaston’s White Russian recipe:

  • One part vodka (usually a shot for a tumbler).
  • One part coffee liqueur.
  • Top with light cream or milk.



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2 responses to “Thirsty Thursday

  1. Liz

    Bad liquor always goes well with Coke (the soda variety)

  2. Good Eater

    …I’m dreaming…of a White…Russian…just like the ones I’ve loved before!!!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Vodka is my friend!

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